Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ask anything and i will translate it to ilocano

Leave your question here and i will be happy to answer it for you.

how about lets talk about the part of our body

mata = eyes
bibig = lips
lapayag = ears
buok = hair
tulang = bone
ngipen = teeth
saka = feet

First Lesson Let's talk about love and hate ^-^

di ka kay kayaten  = i don't like you anymore
uray pay matay nak sika lat-ta ti ad-da ti pusok  = even though i die you will always be on my heart
alaek ti bulan ta ited ko kinyam = i'll take the moon and give it to you
uray pay ag parintomeng ka di ka sungbatan = even if you kneel i will never accept you as my lover


Before i begin i just want you to know that i created this blog for the sake of the people who wants to learn ilocano language and wants to know the meaning of  ilocano language.

Ok here's my first post:
Ilocano                               English term              
ay-a-ya-ten ka la unay   =  i love you so much
isn't that cool ^-^, knowing a nice language

this blog is dedicated to all the ilocano fanatics and soon to be fanatic